Who Are We?

We are Dominion, a new company with our whole future ahead of us.

Our purpose is clear

‘Being consistent in all that we do, serving great food and drink and genuinely caring about our customers. Providing a clean and comfortable room and being proud to belong to the Dominion family’

We have values rather than rules:

  • We talk
  • We are responsible
  • We work together
  • We think and act smart
  • We are proud to serve

They allow us flexibility and room to be ourselves. They inform our behaviour and guide us along the way to fulfilling our purpose.

Why Should You Choose Us?

We operate in a unique way with both employed and self-employed opportunities. This business model allows us to bring out the best in all of our businesses and teams.

We believe in talking to our teams openly and honestly and in return we listen when our teams talk to us. When we are successful we share that with others, both the joy of the success and how we achieved it. There are loads of opportunities for people who think smart and are willing to hunt for opportunities to grow the business and grow themselves.

Who Should You Be?

Regardless of the job you are seeking there are some things we look for in everyone we employ or work with.

We love people who can give us examples of their achievements. Rather than just tell us you can do stuff, tell us about the time you actually did it.

You will make mistakes, if you don’t it means you are not challenging yourself and we want you to challenge yourself. You will never make the same mistake twice, if you do it means you are not learning & growing and we want you to learn & grow.

You will by nature be warm and friendly, like a honeypot to bees. Your smile is your deadliest weapon and you use it all the time.

When you look round your place of work it will be with a customer’s eye, you see it how they would, and fix it if it’s not right.

Our customers are here because they want to spend some money and have a great time, you are a natural sales person encouraging them to take advantage of our great food, drink and rooms.

From time to time we need to fill a vacancy and we list those jobs here.



We are looking for An Exceptional General Manager/Management Couple for The Grand Victorian, Worthing.

View full job listingApply by sending us your CV


We are looking for talented passionate chefs to join our brigades to delight our customers taste buds.

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Lets hear it for the housekeepers, busy bees making our pubs and hotels sparkle and shine.

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Always there with a ready smile and a sparkling glass, looking after our customers in style.

View full job listing – Apply by sending us your CV

If the job you want isn’t listed here, don’t despair you can still let us know you are interested in working with us by sending your CV to [email protected]. Don’t forget to tell us a bit about yourself too.